St. Paul Junior & Senior College

Science, Commerce & Arts

Recognised by R.T.M. University & State Govt Of Maharashtra

Admission Process

How to Apply For Admission to the college

A student seeking admission to the college must apply in the prescribed from obtainable from the College office, and register the from by paying of the registration fee Rs. 20/- before the last date announced by the college, on expiry of which no application shall be entertained. The presence of the applicant’s Father / Guardian along with the applicant is necessary at the time of the admission of the student and he must sign the declaration and the undertaking given in the prescribed application form. The application form must be accompanied by the following necessary documents :- Leaving Certificates or Transfer Certificates in Original Signed by the Head Master or Principal of the Institution in which the student last studied. The certificate will not be returned in any case.

List of marks

The original List of Marks obtained at the qualifying examination. An attested true copy of the same should be attached. The original list of mark will be returned to the student in due course of time .

Character Certificate
  • Signed by Head / Principal of the institution the student last studied in .
  • Certificate of Good Conduct from referees
  • Signed by two responsible citizens along with their addresses, so they may be conducted by the college authorities as the referees of the students.
  • Two Latest Passport Size Photograph
  • One to be affixed on the application form at the space provided or it and one to be affixed on the identity card.
  • Migration Certificate
  • In the case of those students who have passed the qualifying examination from a board or university other than the Maharashtra Board of Secondary Education and the Nagpur University. This certificate must reach the University office by 1st October of the year, failing which a fine of Rs . 10/- is imposed by the University may not allow that student to take the examination .
  • Note : - Registration does not guarantee of admission
    Rules For Admission

    Admission will be finally decided by the Principal. On the recommendation made by the respective committees constituted for the purpose, which would take a personal interview of the applicant on the date and time notified on the College notice board. The list of applicants selected for admission will also displayed on the College notice board. Failure to appear for personal interview on the notified date and time or failure to fulfil the formalities required of admission, shall disquality a student for admission. The college does not accept the responsibility of informing the applicants by post about their admission.

    Admission will be finalized and confirmed only on production of the originals of the above mentioned documents and on full payment of the prescribed fees, along with the undertaking and the declaration signed by the father / guardian of the student, as per the rules and procedure laid down by the College.

    Admission may be refused without assigning any reason and rejected application forms will not be returned to the applicants in any case.

    NOTE :

    A student applying for admission to any class of this College should get himself/herself whether he/she is eligible for admission to that particular class or not. If the University does not accept him/her as eligible for admission, the College will not accept any responsibility for his/her admission.